About me

I’ve been managing websites and creating their content for years. I love making them look good and read well. I’ve recently gained professional qualifications in User Experience and User Interface Design so I can also make them easy-to-use and responsive.

I’m now a Content Designer with the Scottish Government. I’m working with a multi-disciplinary team to create effective and user-friendly social security services. It’s hectic but rewarding.

If you’d like to hear me talk about Content Design and UX Design, you can listen to Episode 3 of the excellent podcast Users First.

You’re still welcome to get in touch with questions and comments, but please be patient if don’t answer immediately.

Photo of Helen Peak

“Helen Peak is intelligent, creative, focused and fun to work with. But the best thing is that she takes such a pride in her work that she delivers to the highest standards – because, for her, there is no other option.”

Iain Shaw, Media Education